Doctor…you need to rest

Ok it’s not as drastic as the title. I’m not injured per say…though I had a 5cm lump removed from my left breast yesterday so I am on doctors orders to not run for a week…A whole week.

Day 1 of rest
I’ll be honest it was lovely not having to get up this morning. Michael got up and went and lifted the kids from his mums to take them to school. 

Usually when I have a morning like that I am dying for a run but the after effects of the general has really taken its toll on me.

Ok it could also be the fact whilst fasting yesterday morning before the operation I done a 1-2-1 session with Shane at 7am, spin at 9.30 and abs at 10. Well I knew I’d be resting for a few days so might as well hurt all over.

So let’s just see how the resting goes…


3 thoughts on “Doctor…you need to rest

  1. Embrace the rest! I understand how frustrating it can be to be on a break from running but, try to embrace this time as a crucial part of your future running. I had to learn to love the rest…. I take it as a time to drink more coffee, treat myself with a spa day, watch a good movie, read good books, write letters, stretch and foam roll a ton and reflect on life and training. Power to ya, friend! xoxo

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    1. Thank you for the ideas.
      I’m just so aware that full scale marathon training starts in a few weeks and I don’t want to be on a back foot.
      However maybe now is the time for some rest and relaxation before the madness begins.
      Just hope that the results from pathology on now liberated lump come back clear as first thought.

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      1. I understand your worry. You seem very aware of your body which is great. Stay in tune with what it is telling you as you follow doctor orders. One week of rest can do a plethora of good while one week of not running will not set you as far behind as running and getting injured / feeling worse. Don’t let your mind play too many worry games with you. Good luck, dear! xoxo


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