Post Op Recovery

Ok lets face it, I’m not good at resting.

I am pretty sure that I take an adverse reaction to the concept of rest. I found myself really struggling last week to just lie there and recover post op. Of course drama follows me and it wasn’t long before I was back at the hospital on Saturday with a minor adjustment to be made to the wound. With the mental exhaustion of the that I was totally wiped on Sunday.

I genuinely know the mistake I made was going to support the hubby at Ards Half Marathon on Friday night. I had had issues redressing the wound earlier in the day and realisation of how big the incision was. But I was determined to travel the 70mins to Ards, stand about for 2 – 3 hours  and then 70mins back. It really was too much.

All that aside I was still determined come Monday to get these legs moving. I walked the lake with Lauren, great company and also a fall back plan if I was to collapse. It was a lovely dander and felt so good to be mobile. On Tuesday I took the notion to go up Slieve na Slat. Ok not my finest idea, however I took it slowly and really enjoyed sitting at the top in the peace and just relaxing, if only it didn’t sport an elevation of over 250m I’d do it everyday! The views over the Mournes is stunning.

Then Wednesday happened.

I have booked last week to return with Shane on a reduced impact 1 2 1 session. So we focussed on legs. Yes it was leg day from hell and yes I am still struggling to walk normally!

I hope to return to club run tomorrow to the progressing C5k group to break me back into running. After all…marathon training starts in less than 2 weeks.



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