4 weeks to go

Hard to believe this time next month it’ll all be over. 

The miles continue to be clocked and training is going so much better than I could even imagine. 

Lets face it I’m more shocked that I’ve stuck to plan really well and this week was the first time I was able to literally road test what I’ve been working towards at Annaghmore 18 mile on Saturday.

Day 1: 

Joined Caitriona a few mile into her random Monday long run. It was her training run so her route, pace and plan. It was a fresh morning and happily tooted along for 8 mile. There is one thing about running with Caitriona… it’s like therapy. Though I sometimes think she purposely says things to wind me up so that I go off on a rant for her amusement. I guess after the miles we’ve put in together it’s not hard to send me off on one. 

Day 2: 

No speed work this week as race day Saturday so 6 steady mile to find. Strangely I had no set route in mind and I was just going to keep on running. 

I passed the time estimating how long each road was and then when I turned where else I could go to make up the miles. So with a very thorough tour of Newcastle I finished 6 mile with keeping pace nicely below the 12min/Miles. For once a nice Tuesday run.

Day 3:

But Wednesday was a no go. I got 1 mile into the run and I just didn’t feel right knowing I didn’t have the push to go on mentally either. I stopped the watch abandoning the run and headed for the hills to walk it out.

It wasn’t that I couldn’t. I’m at the stage where marathon training is physically and mentally exhausting and I recalled a few weeks back when I didn’t run and how the walk through the forest lifted me and my spirits. So my 4 mile became active recovery and I loved being back on one of my old routes up and down the hills. I even thought to myself…gosh I miss hills. Yeah that didn’t last long once I turned up at Annaghmore on Saturday.

Day 4:

Always my favourite run of the week. Mid week endurance of 8 mile. Had Theresa come back to join me again this week and the added bonus of another of the progressives runners, Sarah. I set off early and got 2 mile in before meeting them. We put in 6 miles together along the Dundrum road on what was a lovely morning.

The craic and banter was flowing which made the miles fly in and pace was strong. 

I’ll not lie I have been having a few issues with my right leg and I took myself back to the pain table aka Grainnes. When you have 3 completely different points hurting it does get concerning and you’re filled with the standard….can I run.

Jaysus labour was easier! No joke! A full scale elbow job as Grainne quickly pin pointed that pain was orginatiating from my hip area. I was kneaded out like dough as Grainne took no prisoners. I think guilt consumed her as on Friday she checked in to see how I was holding up. 🙈

Day 5: Rest Day 

So how does a runner deal with any niggle…ice.

I literally froze my ass off. I was sitting on an ice pack and then had another one on my thigh. Frozen solid.

Though as per plan HYDRATE was top of the agenda and a dry run of pre race prep was underway.

Day 6: Annaghmore 18 mile

Read all about it here

Day 7:

She rested. I have committed myself to sober October so after managing to get out on the Saturday night for a final few drinks I was totally wiped on Sunday. So a chilled day with the kids and an early trip to bed was well needed as I look into the next week which is rounded off with a big ass long run in the 20s. 

This week has definitely gave me hope. Annaghmore went so well. For it being such a brutal course and to come in 5 minutes a head of plan and finishing comfortably knowing I’ve loads more left in the tank. 

I also am glad that I could run my own race. I didn’t get carried away with chasing those in front and just put faith in the training. 

4 weeks to go…


1 thought on “4 weeks to go

  1. So exciting to have a strong 18, sounds like you are ready!! Good luck!!


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