The Hugh take over 

A few weeks back panic struck the group when Dermot announced he was going on holiday. This shocked me on 2 levels…1 – he was taking time off (about bloody time) and 2 – Mondays session would end up being missed. Not on my watch.

So breaking rank (do I even have one) I suggested that I’d be there at 7pm on the Monday in Dermots absence if anyone fancied a wee jont to keep their now embedded night out..I mean training session. I do think fear set in and Hugh stepped up to the mark and said he’d be there too. So the panic was averted and no one missed their Monday session and it was in the capable hands of Hugh and his side kicks (me and caitriona).

However the thought of a wee jont out tonight wasn’t one I embraced.  With yesterday’s antics at Dune Half and still not feeling too hot on I recalled laughing at Dermot trying to stretch after a week of high milage…he would have loved to have seen me trying to move tonight. What goes around come’s around. 

However since it was initially my idea to have a session in the first place I’d to man up with my sore legs and dodgy tummy. But without fail and a little encouragement, Caitriona hauled her ass out too after the race of her life yesterday to join in the ‘recovery run’ and support her lesser able running buddy.

Hugh knew we were both in bits and had a good laugh at our expense but was adamant that we were going to do 3 ‘easy’ miles. Thing is 3 miles is never easy!! And especially the day after a race. Though let’s face it this session wasn’t about us…it was about the ‘beginners’ using that term lightly now.

So after a great warm up where high knees was just too much effort for me, we set off Hugh leading and Caitriona and I holding the back as normal. 

I wasn’t sure if it was just tired legs but after half a mile I was dying. Luckily it wasn’t just us and after catching Hugh’s attention we dropped the pace back a tiny bit and it made all the difference. Turning for the return leg home. The group stayed well together and it became clear who the faster runners where and who had been keeping up the mid week training in the group. I was having to keep remind them to take it back a step to keep the group together. 

Due to traffic on the road I crossed with the first group who had a bit more left in them so we picked the pace up for the final 300m. Was nice to stretch out and enjoy a strong finish.  Followed by the second set to cross the road with Hugh and then the third set with Caitriona. Clocking 5 km or 3.13 mile if you want to pedantic.

Everyone made it through the run in one piece and are more than ready for next week’s final session. Plus it was also nice to run again on a Monday in favourable weather.

It’s amazing to see how far they’ve all come and I’ve come to terms with the fact most of them are quicker than me. Though I’ll be sad to see the sessions end but that means a new group of beginners and hopefully seeing this group join the progressive group to further develop their progress from being able to beat me to absolutely annilating me. 🙈

 *note I did not get a hug this week however Hugh reluctantly waved at me during the cool down stretch ..I’ll take that*


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