Wet, wetter and wettest 

As I sat gazing out the window of the classroom at the rain flying sideways across the playground, the mobile rattled and I was sure my daydream would soon morph into a reality that I was going to wake up in Kansas.

The prospect of running in that weather a few hours later wasn’t the most appealing thought especially as I envisaged the waves flying up over the promenade  and soaking us right through.

As I waited for what I thought would be the invitable message to say this week’s session was called off, I recalled some of the most epic runs of the past year. What did they all have in common…it bucketed out of the heavens.

So when I was basically told to pull my big girl pants up and get out there (paraphrasing obviously) I was really looking forward to a bashing in the wind and rain. 

Again the car park was awash with runners tentatively hoping Dermot would call the session off. I’m sure some just turned up to be seen to be making an effort to come. Though their plan was soon to be scuppered. We were going running.
As the wind cut across the shore and took the rain with it, in twos we tried to keep optimistic as afterall you can only get wet once, step by step up the main street. Seemingly what was to be a recovery run for me after yesterday’s 13 mile was, by half a mile in, not seeming like the brightest idea. 

Pushing on everyone kept going and as we got to the mile mark to turn, it put Caitriona and myself at the front. This always carries it’s own challenges on a normal day but as we hit the promenade we were the first pillar of restistance to a God awful headwind which was accompanied by cold, soaking wet rain.  

And with that I had this overwhelming feeling of relaxation come over me. Here I was with 17 other wing nuts,  running in weather fit for Noah and his Ark. Getting a full scale blasting from the wind and rain and I was loving it. My legs were beginning to feel good after a shakey start and although rain drops where plentiful running down my face, I felt so happy. 

In all honesty I didn’t want the run to end. 

As per weatherman Mathers predictions, as we reached the end, the rain clouds cleared and a still night set upon us. OK an hour later than hoped or prayed for but what everyone had achieved was beyond any type of committment required of any runner. 

They have definitely surpassed the title of “crazy runner” but this group is going places. There is nothing that will put them off getting out there. A great attribute to have where within an hour in Ireland you can experience all seasons. 

As for me, I’m feeling refreshed and content. Also surprised that I’ve ran the day after a long run, not like me. Onwards and upwards. 


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