Throwback to Crossing the boarder for the biggest challange yet…for everyone else

​Well what can I say.

The atmosphere in the car this morning wasn’t it’s usual upbeat pre race craic. They meant business. 

With enough sweets to fill a pick n mix and caffeine laced gels you’d think we were going raving. 

I was strangely calm and relaxed however I knew 10k had been achieved in my worst state ever last week so I’d nothing to worry about. It was the 13.1 mile that lay ahead of the other 4 that was dictating the mood of the day.

Between multiple trips to the toilet and a hesitant pre race photo, the call for the half runners was heard and off like little lost sheep, they followed the crowds of blue bibs. 

I swear I was near sick for them, I even cried as I was nervous about the half I wasn’t even running. As they set off I’d the joys of cheering them on at the 1.5k mark before making my way back to the start line.  

It’s lonely when at a race on your own. So went to talk to the only man I knew…the Avonmore Milk Man!  

I finally set off and at every distance marking I wondered how the crazies where doing. It was a beautiful morning with views as far as my broken eyes could see. I found the joy in running and settled into a nice pace.

I was feeling good and as I crossed the 9km marker I glanced at my watch and realised that actually I might make a sub 70. I did 😆 and was strange to be the first of us across the line. So went and hung out with Dan the Avonmore man who had got me a whole load of goodies including a kit bag, hat and enough milk to see me through the week! 

As I hung over the railings between the Murlough crowd I spotted Thomas coming and was all biz to cheer on someone I knew! I honestly thought Michael had died as an ambulance flew by but in the distance the bright orange top appeared and he looked a broken man. I’d barely got him deposited on the bank and Avonmore man wanted a photo of me. And there as I smiled …Tara and Jackie came around the corner! 

I swear today I couldn’t have been any more prouder of yous. That was one tough thing to put your body through mentally and physically! Not many people can claim they can do that. 13.1 mile of hell and a few days ahead of recovery. 

You all displayed serious badassery today!  And that concludes #siobhanstories for another day!


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