If you need a first aider, look for someone else qualified but if stuck, I can help

I know I rabble on about how much I love being a part of Murlough AC. But seriously I can’t remember life before running became pretty much my social life too. Not hard when I didn’t have much of a life in general due to numerous factors, mostly my kids. 

Anyway as awesome as the club is we had the opportunity to take part in a REC First Aid at Work course that was geared towards runners. 

I’ve never done first aid before. OK I can deal with sticking a plaster on and giving a cuddle to make everything better but I had no idea what to do if I was to come across a situation where having first aid could save a life. 
So I was up for the challange and delighted to be able avail of learning such skills.

We were the second group to do this session and the 10 of us all had varying backgrounds in first aid. Me with nothing and beside me was class swot and first aid queen Selena. Of course with the mix of personalities in the room there was the potential that it might be possible to derail precedings but the course was so captavating that apart from our usual one liners and giddiness we where really well behaved lol

Everything from robust CPR to how to use a defibrillator, how to bandage a wound to being prepared to deal with situations on your own and in groups.  It really was an eye opener to how you can practically save someones life through basic steps done right.

The 6 hour course flew in. I made great friends with the CPR dummy and soon will have a certificate to prove I can do first aid…but more than likely will phone Selena in an emergency for advice.

Siobhan Grant, mother, runner, marathoner and now first aider. How my life has changed in the last year all because of trying to put one foot in front of the other.


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