Death By Dermot – A Whole Other Level

Hands up if you woke up on Friday morning thinking you got off lightly from Thursdays session and felt like dancing and singing that you must be in a lot better shape than expected given you felt so good.

Yet as the day went on your thighs started to feel like jelly, you realised you must have abs hiding somewhere  as you could feel them burn and the thought of pulling your shoulders back into a good posture was just way too much effort…people that is what is called DOMs – delayed onset muscle soreness but we’ll rename it Dermot’s Obscure and Mean Sadism .

Thursday seen a whole new side to the many skills and sadistic tricks Dermot has on his list of “running related skills” as a running coach.
We all know that crosstraining and branching out from just running will breed better times and stronger running. Working your muscles in other ways and strengthening them is always a good thing..right? Well yes but it doesn’t come without pain.

I think I do my fair share of non running training. I spin twice a week, both followed by a circuit or abs class and I have my pt session with Shane which simply works primarily now with where doesn’t be hurt given that the session is Wednesdays at 7am after Wintervals the night before.

So the bottom line was that I “should” be well fit for a Death by Dermot strength and conditioning session.

However I thought I wasn’t too bad at the running thing until Dermot arrived so how naive was I to think that s&c would be any different.
A taster session of a mix of cardio and core. I swear after 6 minutes of the warm up I was wrecked. Though I was encouraged as everyone else around me looked how I felt.

As we moved from station to station, the tunes where banging out – old school hits too, excellent and everyone was giving their all. Round 1 and 3 where cardio and round 2 and 4 core. Then as always there was a Brucey Bonus Round just to keep us on our toes. 

What I’ve learned:

  • There is no end to Dermots skills to induce early death.
  • But never show any fear..he can spot it a mile off and exploit it.
  • Knowing you only have to do a certain exercise for 30 seconds is good
  • However doing variations of the same exercise 1 after the other is just mean.
  • Having a toilet nearby is ALWAYS handy when star jumps are involved 
  • Men might not understand the importance of that- women with children, will.
  • Hurting your funny bone…isn’t so funny
  • There are big boy and little boy variations of exercises. Doubt that’s the technical term but we got a good laugh out of it.
  • Bringing your kids along to a session means you can’t show any fear or hurt.
  • Remember being a positive role model for running results in even more bling in the house as they start running too.
  • Note regarding my kids… if only they behaved like that all the time I’d not fear taking them in public
  • Apparently duct taping your kids to the wall is not an acceptable form of child management.
  • American football drills are my favourite
  • I will never ever EVER like burpees.

So it’s Saturday evening and guess what. ..I’m still bloody sore. I could blame a week of back to back training. Though let’s be honest every step I take I curse the evil man who takes great pleasure in knowing his memory lives on long after he’s gone. 

I just hope that the calories are burning on long after the session and somewhere a long the line it helps my running. It’s definitely improved my procrastination that for sure. 
I hope that bottle of wine I gave you for all your help over the past few months results in a huge hangover. Then that’s us even! 


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