It’s Only Cold If You Are Standing Still

Sweet Mary Mother of God and little Baby Jesus. It is baltic! But I’m all about positive thoughts…at least it isn’t raining also.

Last week set the scene for Wintervals. With over 50 members of the club taking themselves out for a 3 mile Time Trial over the past 7 days and cementing their resolve to improve over the coming weeks, morale is high within the MAC camp. 

We all now have our benchmarks *wohoo second last* and know that coming out to Wintervals week in and week out will hopefully have a good impact on everyone’s performance. 

However the hardest step for anyone is…the one out the door. Tonight that step was taken by 45 of the MAC Massive, showing no fear of the tough session that lay ahead. 

Split into two groups after our dynamic warm up, we set of for the session.  My first stop was the Bath Lane steps. I had never heard of them before so as I stood at the bottom of them, I wondered where the elevator was. 75 concrete steps that went up a bit and then got steeper and went up even more. 

Like seriously who even thinks this is a good idea. Under the wing of Coach Hugh I tried not to show that I was dying of fear inside and eventually (from the back of the pack where the fun is as always) I got going.

First half of the steps weren’t too bad but oh my they got a lot steeper and legs turned to jelly. It was awful. I was still trying to figure out was it the steps making my legs feel funny or the fact I haven’t had a rest day in nearly a week. 

But as with all intervals it’s short term pain for long term gain as although at the time it felt like forever, it was soon over and at least 350 step in our legs. 

Departing Bath Lane we headed for the Harbour to take on the “Zig Zag.” We passed the other group on route and was reassuring to see they where in fine form and not looking too bad. 

What lay ahead was another hill session. Coach Selena promised us that after we were done there where buns and protein milk at the end. So as some runners run because they like to eat, many of us where ready to earn the fluffy fairy cake goodness. 

So 5 sets of reps lay between us and the buns. The quicker we done these, the quicker we got the buns, simples. The flow of the running was spot on. Not standing about too long and perfectly managed so I passed Anne on her way down everytime. I don’t know if I could have coped with not seeing her on the 5th rep! 

As we finished up and had “session lessons” well embedded in our heads (which where now always looking up and not down) we set off for home.

It was nice to have Caitriona calling the shots as she embraced being able to run again. 

Alongside Miceal we tooted back down the promenade for our cool down. From warm up corner, we continued to test our ability to balance and figure out our right from our left as we enjoyed a cool down lead by Hugh. 

As the other runners who took the long road home began their cool down we got stuck into the homemade buns and protein milk. Please don’t tell Dan the Avonmore man that I was drinking Dale Farm! 

Best end of session treat ever though that means expectations are high for next week and all following weeks. I’d even happily do another rep up those steps just to “earn” another bun.

So another end to another Wintervals session. Nothing could beat the joys of the thaw in the shower afterwards as I regained the feeling in my fingers. 

I may harden up as it’s going to get colder as the weeks progress on. However I am already looking forward to next Tuesday and the return of ” The Train.”

Hug this session was supplied by Joe! Much appreciated!


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