You don’t have to always run

Winding down from the marathon definitely has benefits you thought you’d never appreciate.

On one hand you seem to miss the challenges of the long run and being out doing monotonous laps of the lake, breaking milage milestones week in week out. However now post marathon you can enjoy a weekend morning knowing you don’t have to dedicate around 4 hours to training and have that bacon sandwich.

What I found out on Saturday ..I don’t have to always run to get out there and part take in events.  Today’s race saw team MAC descend upon Annalong. A fundraising event for the Mourne Mountain Rescue Team.

Run4Rescue had an option for all athletes. Felt like you wanted a challenge there was the 10 mile race up to Dinnywater and back. Wanting to push your limits and get some solid miles there was the 10k. And of course for those who wanted to stretch the legs, on the injury bench or like me, just couldn’t be arsed running there was the 4 mile walk.

Of course MAC had someone in every race which strangely for a running club, the majority of the club representatives in the 4 mile walk category.
We set off around an absolutely fabulous route around Annalong and kept a relatively brisk pace along the shore and past the most quaint wee houses I’ve ever seen. 

It was fresh but with clear blue skies and the sun shining it was the perfect Saturday morning in November.  

John lead the way with 5 of the MAC ladies falling into line, Norah, Ann, Anne, Caitriona and myself. It was so lovely to walk along and chat about life in general. By around 3 mile the 10mile leader and winner was coming along. 

I remember the first time I was ever passed by William McKee. Born2Runs Kilborney 10k last January. My initial thought as he passed me while I was on my first lap and he was finishing was “who let him out with hardly any clothes on.” This was a thought that I had numerous times over the rest of the Winter Series when I saw him. And Saturday was no exception! Short shorts and his Mourne Runners vest. 

I have come to realise when you go as fast as him you don’t feel the cold I suppose. 

Anyway as the leaders came past us we cheered them on and reaching the top of that hill we waited to see the rest of the runners onto the flat, cheering on the Mad MACs Hugh and Judith who tackled the unforgiving 10 mile route.

Getting to the finish of our walk we arrived in time to cheer on the 10kers on their 2nd of 3 laps and see the 10 mile runners finish. 

After all the MAC crossed the line, we headed in for what can only be described as a phenomenal spread with soup, tea, cakes and sandwiches. Definitely a way to replace the calories burnt out on course. Making noted for next year to run at least the 10k as I need to burn more than a 4 mile dander worth of calories for those brownies!

And the bonus was…we got medals! So no need to run to earn the bling in this case. Could the day get any better!


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