Some of my favourite pictures from Marathon Training

Lisburn half.  The first big milestone of marathon training. I postponed surgery to do this race. gosh it was a very lonely race. But as I hit 12 miles I had the “I’m actually going to do this” and started to enjoy it. 

Cookstown half 12 mile photo. A great race and I fairly enjoyed it. The rain had just come on and was welcomed. first time I believed that I could really just keep on running lol

Running Blind at Stormont. What an eye opener to what the visually impaired experience in a race. Cemented my resolve to run as Tonys Guide indefinitely. 

Rathfriland 10k. I had no intentions of running it initally as had Running Blind and Dambusters either side of it but sure what the hell, it’s only 10k. Met magic hands Artie who I’m sure with the massage afterwards saved my legs for Dambusters.

Dinner after Causeway Coast at the MAC away run. Death defying course but the craic and company was the best

Dambusters, 9 mile in and buzzing. there’s nothing more I an say lol

The GR8 Marshalling duties. In a bid to avoid injury I donned the florescent jacket and instead embraced the MAC love mid race. This is what being part of a club is all about. 

The early morning summer runs. this was the morning I done my first big run of 14 mile.

The result of the early long runs, wanting to sleep at 10am

PB face straight after Cookstown. Jaysus yon shower was freezing

Siobhan vs the Lake on a wet day.

First marathon experience at the Belfast Marathon relay

I swear to God I had promised to finish the race with Caitriona…don’t know what happened to me in the last 200m. I grew rockets on my feet.

Supported by Avonmore after my 20miler. to date…my longest run

Some love from Michael after Sea 2 Sky I’m July

On the quest for a pink medal, I finally had one to give Aoife after the mini marathon. 

I think now I’m about to reach that summit Lauren..what do you think?


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