The usual Thursday night antics

You know what…I really enjoyed tonight’s session with Dermot. OK I was prepared for sub zero temperatures when realistically it was a beautifully mild evening but hey! That’s why you layer up, so you can take some off! I could have been a bit more extreme, however Selena embraced that by bringing a fluffy covered hot water bottle with her. 

Anyway I’ve been banned from the gym. Well when I say banned…more so told that I’m not allowed to do any more classes until after Dublin. 

I suppose when the pts are seasoned marathoners,  they know their shit so where horrified to see me at spin and ab’s,  twice this week. So after Wednesdays class I was told that they should only see me there if I’m going swimming or my shower breaks- fair enough. So I was buzzing to get out tonight after only really 1 day of tapering. 

I don’t even know where to start with the session. So many bits I loved. A bit of everything. Love me some theory and yes I am the sort of person who needs to be told things over and over again for it to sink in so big benefit to me to hear it numerous times.

Obviously the pairing of Siobhan, Kate and Norah was soon causing minor disruption.  However sometimes it just can’t be avoided. 

That’s my theory though I’m still working on the first 3 but I’ve totally nailed surrounding myself with good people.

With Dermot doing his duck running style and noticing how turned out his feet where lead to thoughts on maybe he’s a good dancer with feet like that and with good ABCs a definite shoe in for Lord of Dance. 

I kind of like to think I’m doing OK at the running form. I do consciencously fix myself mid run as I guess conserving energy is the key to Dublin for me and it does make you feel better. Thankfully not singled out so nothing glaringly obvious/lack of time to tear me apart.

I really loved the mini sessions ran this evening by Hugh and Selena. I can only imagine the pressure they are currently under with their assessments and study for their coaching qualifications and although a friendly and welcoming bunch, we are very easily way laid and sometimes hard to grab our attention which is difficult for anyone.

Hugh done a great 90m challange of 30m acceleration, 30m sprint and then 30m deceleration. Even something that you can do on your own some morning. I did have a lot of built up energy to let go off so although I didn’t push myself as hard as normal, I loved the wee burst. 

You see if I could just figure out how to spread that energy out over a race I’m sure I’d do alright. Though I’m forever conserving it throughout a run, hence the reason I can always have a strong finish whether is a 5k, 10k or a half.

Selenas session was over a 100m and as the distance was longer it meant holding the pace that bit longer. I’d have loved to have done a few more of them just to see how I held up but I’m sure I’ll get a chance during “wintervals” come November. Also hearing as you’re running past “slow down Siobhan, you’ve a marathon” was something I thought I’d never ever hear..slow down and marathon.

The highlight of the evening though had to be during a q&a session afterwards. As we all sat on the wall in hope that the cold stone wouldn’t cause piles, I was again moved for talking. It’s like GCSE Business Studies all over again. Luckily though I’ve not been put in a corner on my own yet. I’m pretty sure if I hadn’t have talked as much during school my Bs would have become As. Funny how my As where in subjects with elements of oral assessments.

With some really good questions and even more eye opening answers that I’ve definitely to take note of, we got onto the subject of breathing. 

Cadence breathing. For once I actually sort of knew what Cadence was as it’s one of the wee options on my watch that I had no idea what it was. So breathing in rythmn with your feet is what I assumed. So progressing from why army people chant to “uh ha ha” had me dying inside to start singing. I’d vision of the Ooga Booga mask in Crash Bandicoot and know I’ll pass a few mile in Dublin Ooga boogying my breathing. So please do take time to focus on your breathing and for some help do feel free to listen to the song.

 》Song to help focus your breathing 《

I don’t know is it because Dublin is just literally around the corner but I was buzzing after tonight’s session. Although it was more coaching and the toughest bit was the warm up, I just came home feeling really positive. I still wonder to myself every time I run how the hell I am going to find 26 mile. I know I can definitely find the 0.2 so just 26 more to find. 

So hoping to get out for a few more laps of the lake this weekend as my final longer run. I feel I’d offend the lake if I didn’t do the final victory laps round it. But for now I’ll leave you all with this. I’m available for hugs at all training sessions! 


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