Let’s go round and round again

Mother nature has decided to throw Ireland a curve ball this week and the weather has gone from fabulously mild to absolutely horrid in a matter of days. 

Hours of thunder and lightening, rain that came from all directions and it is definitely getting colder. 

Looking ahead to training for this weekend it had a nice wee 13 on the plan. However with the world against me at every opportunity and a mega dose of antibiotics, a long run was looking bleak. 

I’d hoped that maybe I might be able to pull it out of the bag. However after the weather forecast update via weatherman Mckenna on Friday, who isn’t afraid of the dark and happy to run about like a nut in the dark playing tunes out loud for all to hear, I took to the met office and tried to engage everything I learnt in Alevel Geography to see if I could find a break in the weather. 

There wasn’t a chance in hell that I was going to get a run in early. The band of rain coming up from the south was going to be a complete wash out until lunch time. 

I’d hoped that by 2pm the weather might clear but I tell you this,  at 10.30 you’d have thought it was here for the day as it jumped back off the ground. I stirred out the back window feeling sad. I refused point blank to get out of my jammies. I was for putting on my training gear and I was running today- end of. 

Looking out the window at the rain

At 1 o’clock I gave in and got into my running tights and a tech tshirt to go to the shop. I’d decided after I sorted lunch I’d go to the gym and put in a good hour on the cross trainer and try again tomorrow. However shortly after I got back and started cooking, I glimpsed out the window and there it was- the mountains AND blue skies coming towards me from Newcastle. Was I going to wait to see if it was going to hold? Hell no! I rushed upstairs, got my gear on and threw dinner on 3 plates and left them to it.

So 5 laps of the lake. I’m sure by now my legs should just go into auto pilot now round it. 

Lap 1: Oh dear God it was horrible. Everything felt sore. I realised I’d forgot my buff or any deep heat before I left. I’d the dreaded thoughts of 5 laps of this. I swear I could have easily just went on home. I had played with possible routes to make the miles up, run to the spike and out to Dundrum and get Michael to collect me, taking to the hills maybe or even towards Newcastle and loop in back down the Burrenbridge Road. But I didn’t want the lake to beat me. 2 weeks ago I owned the lake and showed it I didn’t fear it after 8 laps. I wasn’t going to give up.

Lap 2: ahhh there’s the nice running feeling. I found my pace and settled in lovely. The sun had come out and I was able to go along saying get to the next gap of light to find my way around. There was a rally on so although I had one ear of music in, I was able to hear all the racing sounds and spy a few cars as I came around the top of the lake.

Never have thought it had been a minging morning
Lap 3: as I began lap 3 I was greeted by my number 1 supporters. Michael had obviously, after only an hour, lost the will to live and put their coats on to feed the ducks. Needless to say this then lead to being accompanied by the crew the WHOLE way round. I loved having company but it did mean I practically walked the whole lake whilst putting up with the whinges that the play park was SO far away. Next time I’ll just get Michael to get them to make a banner and cheer me on as I near threw Ronan in the lake to shut up! I didn’t mind, I knew I needed to take it easy and miles are miles either way. 

Lap 4: I’d began to pass people numerous times now and trying to explain nicely that you aren’t in sane and yes I am actually training for a marathon was getting exhausting. I was chased by a dog off its lead. Between the 3 humans they had 8 dogs and 2 without leads. I’m not normally scared of dogs but I don’t trust them. Especially when they’re big and don’t listen to what their owner says. Why can’t people keep their dogs on a lead in such a public place. Of course they got informed of how dangerous this was and lucky it wasn’t a lap earlier when I’d Aoife as I’d have knocked them out as she’d have got so upset.  Luckily the man behind me backed me up and we finished the hill together. Agreeing that some people need to buck up their act. 

Before I began lap 5 a lady was finishing who I’d passed for the 3rd time and she stopped me. Now I honestly thought she was curious about why I was running so many times but then came the sales pitch! A Forever living rep trying to sell me Argi.

” I’m sorry but I wouldn’t put anything into my system at this point so close to the marathon. ”

“But it’s natural”

“Yeah not to my system, look I’ve got to go I’ve another lap to do and my Garmin isn’t on pause”

Like some people need their heads looked. Who does that sort of thing.  I’ve passed you 3 times, I’m headed the same direction again. So let’s stop me and try and sell me some random additive that might give me “the edge”- little does she know I’ve more edges than a bread knife! It doesn’t mean the Argi does or doesn’t work.  I just have no interest in it.

Lap 5: the victory lap. I was still in disbelief at being marketed to at the beginning but the usual menality of the final lap meant there was no fight with the head and time wise I was doing OK considering I’d walked the 3rd lap with the kids. The temperature had evidently dropped and  I was ready to go home.

It would be rude to not!

As I finished the lake and headed out for home. I knew I’d hit 13.1 pretty much on the nose by the time I reached the house. There is always something nice about the last mile in any run. Maybe it’s a “the end is near” scenario but I always feel epic. 

I got home at 13.1 but ran around the garden to get to 13.12 just to be sure strava would log a half marathon.

I’ll be honest, I felt better after my 20 miles. Right now I want to curl into a ball and never run again. I know I wasn’t firing all cylinder’s and let’s face it, to do the 13.1 in 3hr9 was good going considering I’d a walking lap. I was aiming for 3 hours anyway as didn’t want to put myself and my broken body under too much pressure to run race pace. But I needed that run. Missing last week’s long run because I was sick was tough so I needed this for me, I needed to know that after a tough week I still “had it” as such. So feeling content as I sit here hurting a bit more than I wanted to be. 

So taper…it’s time for me to embrace you and let’s nail these last few runs. How scarey – Tomorrow fortnight is race day. Holy shit!


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