Tea + running = life

Now we all know that in Dermots sessions we always learn a lot. How to have good form, how to drive those arms, how to challenge our own limits both physical and mental.

However tonight I learnt that coach Dermot is a tea-o-holic. The man was like a child at Christmas when Selena arrived down on the promenade after some passing comment about tea with a takeaway cup of tea for Dermot. Teachers pet. Turns out that Dermot loves a wee cuppa and for once I actually have something in common with a real athlete. My answer to everything. ..tea (and a good hug)

 So session was getting off to a good start. But before the whole tea epiphany I was going to do the friendly act when I seen Selenas label sticking out of her trousers and was going to tuck it in. On closer inspection they were actually inside out. The Shame! And now EVERYBODY knows. I believe her claims she was in a rush (you should have heard the voice message I got) but come on..somewhere between Killough and Newcastle you would think that you’d figure out they’re inside out. Anyway made me laugh.

The sad thing about tonight was that I’m not having a great week. Taper has taken a hold of me and dragged me down. Last week’s voice losing episode, turned into a sinus infection and to ensure no more nasty bugs annoy me the next 3 weeks, I’ve 7 days worth of 500mg of Amoxicillian , 3 times a day.

I missed my 16 mile run last weekend, so only the whole 2.2 mile from the GR8 home straight. I managed a good session at the gym on Tuesday, died a death afterwards which made me go to the gp and just surviving now. I’ve 13 mile on the plan for Saturday but I’m playing it by ear and see how things go. I’d love to go and do a slow and steady 13 but I’m also aware it’s only day 5 of antibiotics and my body is absolutely useless right now.

Anyway I digress…session tonight was more of a observational experience for me.

We knew it wasn’t going to be fun. However I think the MAC crew have hardened up to the challenge of the sessions and are mentally stronger and not giving up as easily to the fear. 

 Showing no fear

400m followed by 200m blast intervals on the agenda with a focus on recovery. It looked tough going. The 20 hi vis clad MAC crew running up and down the promenade was a fabulous sight. I’m sure to passers by they either thought what are those buck eejits at or look at how they are supporting each other. 

I could hear words of encouragement as the runners approached the final stretch where the group had merged as one. I’m sure those words helped spur a few members on when they thought the line was still far away. 

Hats off to Paul though. At first I wondered if he was just mixing it up and going at a slower pace for his own benefit but it quickly became apparent that he was pacing others in the group to match the time they wanted to achieve. By pacing them and giving them the encouragement by their side demonstrated the qualities, attributes and heart of a great teacher. 

Dermot drank his tea, offered hints and tips and was able to see improvement from the newer members of the group almost instantaneously. It just shows that it takes someone to highlight the right way and that’s the habit broken. 

It was hard being on the side lines at training although you can see the pain and hear the panting of everyone as well as be grateful it isn’t you, I was sad as I was dying to get out there and join in. Think it was taking its toll on Selena too who took herself further up the promenade to the half way point to encourage them and remind everyone of form.

My positive head is saying; yeah luckily I’ve had to go on antibiotics now, not ideal but could have been marathon week. It’s not like I’m on the actual injury bench, I’m hovering inbetween on the ill bench…if that even exists. So this should pass quite quickly.

But all hope is not lost. I had company build on the sidelines throughout with Caitriona not able to cope without me and joining me. Seriously hoping whatever is up with her sorts itself out. Shes actually injured and not just grumpy as I’m not running. Then had Eileen who is as stubborn as me and tried to run whilst sick. Eileen take note on the above…I’m on antibiotics it doesn’t work out well!  

Bringing it home for another session

As the session drew to a close and cool down was well underway I had an opportunity I couldn’t miss. Being near the promenade we where surrounded by Pampas Grass. Finding a stray bit of grass I couldnt resist sneaking up on Kate and scaring the absoulte bajaysus out of her by tickling her leg. Absolutely hilarious and I apologise also for disrupting an effective cool down. It turns out that Kate now feels that I  was attempting an underhanded hint at Swinging.  As apparently according to Google (random fact of the day) pampas grass is the symbol of Swingers. Don’t worry Kate, I think you’re safe from me but now I’m worried as it is you who knew such meaning behind it lol

But you know what, for now I’ll stick the kettle on and have a cuppa because tea + running = life. 


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