Fun with Dermot???

Fun and Dermot. Not 2 words I would ever have put in the same sentence when it came to a training session.

For the record it’s not that I don’t think Dermot can be fun. I’m sure he’s the best of craic on a normal day to day basis and let’s face it, he isn’t all that bad…just when it comes to running. I suppose he’s being paid to be a coach and not to be part of the gang,  so has to have some element of fear. Even though I’m convinced he wants to be part of the gang.

Anyway fun…

We all took that with a pinch of salt. The usual suspects turned up to continue the sessions this week. It’s like it’s become so engraved in our weekly activities that we can’t cope to be without Dermot or each other. 

Be safe, be seen  high vis time

This week we where fabulously dressed in our high vis gear and taking to the promenade in Newcastle. There was no missing us, except Kate who came all in black and was more of a shadow than a shining star. 

I have to admit the back drop to the session was perfect.  The crescent moon sat to the left of the top of Slieve Donald whilst dusk set upon us. The wind which made me reroute on Tuesday was replaced by a clam and mild evening. Just perfect. 

We set off in our speed appropriate groups to do 500m reps of “Train.” Of course since our group have become so well used to each other we took that quite literally and at every lamp post and change of leader we honked. When someone fell behind we shouted that we lost a carriage ensuring our train stayed together as a team.
It got tough at times but by the 4th set we had found our pace and knew when the group would need to rein it in to keep us together. We didn’t care that we were being overtaken by the other groups. We started together and we finished together. Even so quite literally on the 8th rep we crossed the finish hand in hand. Sometimes I wonder does Dermot not just think to himself “I’m surrounded by buck eejits”

One thing I will take from the session other than it not being a good idea to hurdle the speed ramps, is to keep the chin up and focus on the stars. 

This has 2 meanings for me really. 

1; I should know by now to keep my head up at all times anyway as Dermot mentions it every week, it will sink in eventually, I promise.

2; keep my head up. With the marathon fast approaching I have to keep my head up and remember that I have trained for this, I can do this and believe in my training. I should be proud of what I’ve achieved so far in my running..even if I’ve went from 0 to 26.2 in a year which was pure madness. I’ve persevered and need to keep my head held high regardless.

A favourite saying of mine that I always told my form group in school

So was it fun, it was. I fairly enjoyed it and although we were all out of breath we were still smiling and working together as a club. The comaradery within the club continue’s to strengthen and that mutual respect amongst the runners is very visable.

For now though, I’m going to enjoy the fact it was a good session and a fun one as I’m sure Death by Dermot will be back next week with a vengeance with his usual sadist flare laced with blood, sweat and a few tears.


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