Death by Dermot, Lets round it up

OH NO! It’s the last session of Death by Dermot!

What am I going to do with my Thursday nights, never mind what am I going to write about on a Friday?

So it is only right that I round up my thoughts and highlights on the 5 weeks of Death by Dermot.

Week 1

I think after the first batch of sessions, many of the club members where, lets say, shitting themselves about what was actually going to happen at the session. I have to admit I knew that in the sessions we would be pushed hard, but even like in a race when you want to die in the middle, the feeling once it is completed is worth it. It was that, that is what I held onto throughout the session. 200 metre intervals where on the agenda and boy did we push hard. Didn’t help I had my 16 miler the next day. I knew from then, never long run after a session with Dermot. We all survived.

Week 2

Pyramids; what a horrible concept!

Like really I think this is the first time I thought I was going to die. Though the great thing about the sessions are not only the physical advantages but the education and support you get mentally. I think the light blub moment in this session has been pivotal in my running, not just in this session but beyond. When he turned the “not as fast” group around to look at everyone else and showed us that everyone felt like we did even those who are super fast and super fit. We were all feeling the same, pushing ourselves. It was then I got the light blub moment that everyone feels like I do whether its a front runner going for a podium place or a back runner just wanting to finish.

Week 3

Mill Hill. That is all.

For me this was a low point for me. I’d been training and picked up an injury. With a body crying out for a rest after back to back long runs for DCM and the realisation during the session that this wee niggle might be the beginning of the end of my marathon journey, I was emotionally in bits. Having to pull out of the session pretty early I tried to keep up the smile, but even pretending to be a cone, didn’t mask the fact I was broken inside. Dermot spoke extensively about negative thoughts at the session and I tried my hardest the following week to try to stay positive in my thoughts throughout my rest period and as I tentatively returned to running the following week.

Week 4

I came back fighting. Though I will always brand this session, “IF you are talking, you aren’t working hard enough.”

A similar session to the Pyramids just without the set structure. Fear of the unknown I suppose, just like most races. I had a brief niggle but was rubbed out and continued on until the mention of “time trial” happened. You could feel the hebbies, running through the group. It was like the ground opened up and swallowed everyone up. Yet in my head I was trying to stay positive, its all I had left. It wasn’t as painful and I learnt that I can dig deep and empty the tank when I have to. There is nothing that beats running the last few hundred metres and knowing you have it in you to just go for it. Its just getting to those final few hundred metres, is my problem.

Week 5

Well I learnt my lesson in Week 1 (see I’m learning) and had to do a mid week long run (20 miles) as I’ve a Wedding this weekend and of course I opted to do it on the Thursday morning so with written consent from Dermot I was allowed to come along to session that evening and take the car to the lake. Thank God. Although I didn’t run, I was able to support and cheer on the crew, take on everything that was being said. It was really interesting, as it was obviously people were taking everything on board from the previous weeks and putting it all into practice. People where more confident and form had improved. Showing that the Thursday night fear was paying off.

I know I have found the sessions very helpful and I also think it has built up fantastic relationships within the club also. Mutual respect for all runners, its definitely brought the MAC community closer together as well as improving their running.
So sad times on a Thursday evening now…Come on we wouldn’t do that on Dermot! He’s been welcomed back with open arms again next week for another 5 weeks! WOHOO! With the same crowd coming back and some more new recruits to the sessions. Gosh I was thinking there I was going to have to find things to talk to Michael about on a Thursday instead of just passing him at the door when he comes home and saying goodnight as I come in and have a shower and go to bed.

Cheers Dermot! See ya next week!

You can find Dermot on Facebook at The Running Coaches or on his fancy website here





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