I’m not broken! 

Praise be to the baby Jesus…it wasn’t the beginning of the end.

Taking a few days out and regrouping was exactly what I needed it seems. Making the decision to not long run meant my body got a rest both mentally and physically. I can’t describe the elation I felt taking to the road last night and apart from my normal I think I’m going to die first few km, I was pain free and feeling good. 

Caitriona and I set off with a few for club run and although pace was faster than I liked, we both knew we where just out to see what state we were both in. So a steady 4 mile and boy was it just good to get out and move. 

So I’ve learned a valuable lesson. The hardest bit of marathon training is staying injury free and keeping the body from internally combusting from exhaustion. 

It is ok to take a break. Your fitness doesn’t disapper overnight so the miles are still in the legs and ready for this weekends race.


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