Shit Just Got Real

Today we took the kids to the Zoo in Phoenix Park, Dublin today. And as we drove up to the zoo I was totally overwhelmed by emotions as in 8 weeks time we will be driving to Dublin for marathon weekend and the next time I see Phoenix Park…I’ll be running up it. 

Shit Just Got Real for sure.

This week has been jammed packed. Tuesday I took myself to club run. It was more an attempt to sweat out the copious amounts of alcohol in my system from the bank holiday weekend. A slow and steady 4 mile put me in good form and ready for a good session at the gym on Wednesday morning.

The usual 6.30am alarm went off on Wednesday morning for my weekly trip to my pt session with Shane. It was a nice session with some cardio and upper body work. Shane knows my legs are getting enough abuse so abandoned any lunges or squats. Thank God!  

I followed the session up with Spin class as obviously I was again feeling invincible. 

On Thursday I completed the intervals session with Dermot which was tough going. He did warn us not to over do it for the next few days…hmmmm. 

Then on Friday morning the 6.30 alarm went off again and I was up and away for my long run.

This was going to go 1 of 2 ways. Way 1…I’d be ruined by 2 mile and I’d give up and try again on Sunday or 2, I’d push on through every mile,  slowly, and my stubbornness would get me through.

Well indeed it was number 2. I pushed through 15mile. I must say the thoughts in my head went like this;

Mile 1: ok so I’m up and out. Let’s get to 4 mile and reassess
Mile 2: Dermot said any small niggle..don’t run. Am I sore or wishing I was sore, when in doubt keep going until you’re sure.

Mile 3: I’m up the hills so take advantage of the downhills and relax but even that is tough.  Maybe I should just call it a day.

Mile 4: wohoo Frankie is in the Hut I can stop for 30sec and tell him my route so he knows to keep a look out for me to see if I’m still alive.

Mile 5: shit phone Michael and make sure he has kids up for school and offer for him to join me for a lap. Don’t let on I am struggling

Mile 5:only 4 laps of the lake..4 WHOLE laps am I kidding myself? This is my worst nightmare. 

Mile 6: god I hate this lake and this must be my slowest 10k ever. I’m sure I’ve walked this distance quicker before with Lauren and that was way more fun and had loads of hills. 

Mile 7: lap 2. This doesn’t seem so bad. But omg my legs are starting to get sore. But I’m half way there so keep going.

Mile 8: need a gel. It seems a long road ahead and I’ve still another 2 laps to find. Gels are magic aren’t they. Like a drug or alcohol to make the situation more enjoyable.

Mile 9: is that my car…wohoo Michael has come up to join me. Wait he’s demanding I get in the car and go home. Who does he think he is! I’m not giving up. So him and Aoife reluctantly join me for a lap 

Mile 10: yes I’m walking but miles are miles and means I can give the last lap a good bash. Oh shit what’s that…Rain. its not rain it’s a torrental downpour and Aoife is not happy and neither is michael and we’re only half way round. I feel so bad for suggesting they join me.

Mile 11: I’m told to run on after another brief hint to just going home. But only 1 more lap to do and then home. Nobody in their right mind would give up after what is over 2.30hrs invested in a long run

Mile 12: so I’m going dead slow…its over 3 hrs on the go and makes my half marathons feel like Usain Bolt pace. But I’m doing it and I’m in no rush. I run my own race and screw anyone who thinks different

Mile 13: the final straight of the lake. You know I deserve a medal for doing the lake 4 times. My body is tired but push on 

Mile 14: I reach the hut at 14 mile dead. Frankie is delighted for me. I’m just glad i judged the distance so perfect knowing it’s exactly a mile to home from this point.

Mile 15: a mixture of walking and running out the Avenue and then the obligatory run down through the town so I don’t look like a buck eejit in running gear, walking in public. Half the world sees me but I’m moving fast enough and reach home eventually.

I stop…and my body crumbles. My cool down essential went…ankles, calves…climb the stairs and shower. Washing my hair was the cool down for my shoulders and a few in shower stretches. 
A workout in itself to get the compression socks on and 30mins to gather myself 

Another long run done.  But lesson well and trely learnt. Never EVER  long run without at least 2 days rest in between last session and LSR. 

So a hectic week. Where I got the reality check, over done the training and clocked another longest run ever. 

But it’s done and I’m motoring on. Now if anyone can suggest how I regain feeling in my legs. I’d much appreciate it


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