Death by Dermot Week 1

So the club thought it’d be a great idea to bring in an outside coach to enhance our running styles and training at club run.

Let me introduce Dermot Mathers… pretty much the kind of runner who does the whole running malarkey very well. 
You name the distance, he’s nailed it and even has a Guinness World Record to his name too, so do I, but obviously it isn’t for running (a story for another day). So with umpteen race wins and a desire to support and aid the development of runners of all abilities, he now heads up The Running Coaches.

I do love cheesey photos

Thursday night seen Dermot return for a second time to the club for another block of sessions. Michael had the joy of part taking in the first set of sessions and I was able to jump in for the last session  which was tough but educational which I’m convinced helped me secure a pb at Cookstown Half 4 days later. 

A whole new batch of members joined the session and where filled with fear and dread. As for those who returned, these sessions are very like child birth; first time ignorance was bliss … Second time is a bit more unnerving as you know what lies ahead. However you know it’s definitely worth it in the end even if it is hell on earth at times.

A nice wee run into the forest park, a route that we do religiously when club run is in Castlewellan, broke the ice. There was even smiles on show.

We spent a good part of the session focussing on warming up.  Something which to be quite honest I considered to be the first 2 mile of any run. 

Then the real part of the session began.

200m intervals 

As you know I’ve no fear of being last or the slowest. I run for me and run my own race so I had no fear in standing at the front as the “slowest” runner for intervals, it was nice to be first in something for a change. With the aim to maintain your pace over the set of intervals.  

So off we set. The first few I knew I was going too fast but I couldn’t slow down. Eventually I found my pace and with a few tweeks in style and form I was, dare I say it, enjoying the session. 

Being at the front in something like this means you can hear all the other runners coming behind you and can push you on. Its ok if someone passes you, they’re just faster, that’s all. But it is so important to keep your own pace and not give into the sound of the herd coming behind you.

I even managed to average a 7.49 min/mile which is nearly 5 mins faster than my race pace.

A very informative cool down session lead by our very own “coaches in training” Hugh and Selena, the obligatory group photo and we where headed back out the Avenue to home.

I knew I had to go out the next morning to do my long run. I left the session on one hand delighted I survived and done well but on the other hand hoping my legs and body wouldn’t give in until lunchtime the next day so I could find my mlies. 

Until next week…



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