Going further 

I had been telling myself all week that I was going to do 14 miles. 

Even when people asked me how many miles I’d to do on plan this week, I was dead casual and the number 14 rolled off as if it was no bother to me. When in reality, I was absolutely bricking it.

Although only 0.9 mile more than what I ran the week before. Its a really long way in general. I’d spent 3 days eating my way through house and home after Dambusters Half but returned to the gym on Wednesday with Shane for my one to one and whilst feeling invincible I came back to the gym an hour later to do spin and abs class. I wasn’t worth buttons on Wednesday evening.

I knew I had to do my long run on Friday morning. A day sooner than I would have essentially have liked after the session I put in on Wednesday but with visitors coming for the weekend, I’d no other choice. 

So I set the alarm for 6.30am and prepped all the gear so I’d no excuse.

The alarm went off and I reluctantly got up.  The sky was blue and it was warm. I fired in my bowl of cornflakes and the heel of the loaf with jam before setting off. 

As I took on a brisk walk up the town towards the park. I’d several potential routes that would take me 14mile. As I hit the gates of the park I got stuck in. But from that very moment I had no drive and was ridiculousy uncomfortable.

As I set off down Crow Road I knew it would be a miracle if I hit 4 mile never mind 14. So my mindset was negative and in true Siobhan fashion, I headed for the back hills to find some inspiration from the views. Yet it never came. However as I looked up as I came towards to parking hut, I spotted Frankie. He’s been an awesome support for me in my random runs so at 4 mile (which took me a painstaking 58mins) I stopped to talk to him and told him my planned route. At least I knew he’d give me the thumbs up everytime I passed the Hut and give me something to look forward to. 

And that was me…on track to complete the Born2Run 10k route which would bring me up to 10mile. Gosh I just couldn’t get into it at all. At 6 mile I called Michael to see if he could take the kids up to do the final lap with me as I was mentally struggling. Sadly he wasn’t going to be able to make it so I was on my own. 

As I hit the 2hour mark I was of the opinion that if I have to walk the rest of it I might as well as if already invested 2 hours into the run. Reaching 10mile after 2hr20 mins I knew I’d be on the go for another hour as legs felt like lead but I just had a lap of the lake left.

As much as I detest the lake route. Knowing it was the last batch of miles todo made it not too bad. I managed to pb on and anticlockwise lap of the lake. To finish off the run I headed back out the front entrance and homebound I turned the corner of the street at 14.03 miles. 

So I made it…somehow. I know now that mentally I’m a lot stronger than I thought or maybe I’m just plain and simply a stubborn aul cow. But 14mile in the bag and looking for 15/16 mile for the long run ahead.



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