A sneaky 5k pb

So following my 14mile long run on Friday I welcomed my visitors on Friday evening. It was going to be a busy bank holiday weekend and obviously I was looking forward to getting a run out with Angela at a local 5k.

I’ll be honest, I did not expect to even be fit to rin on Saturday but I woke able to walk, so obviously I could run.

So I put on my Murlough gear, pulled the hair back and laced up the trainers for the Shore to Shore 5k race in Newcastle for Cancer Research UK.

With a few fun Zumba warm ups the race was underway. It was more of a fun run and a field of about 80 took to the promenade. A mixture of runners, walkers, buggy pushers and kids. 

Caitriona had taken her nephew Oisin with her for his first race ever so we weren’t technically cheating on eachother, as I’d Angela with me. 

The weather couldnt have been more perfect. A beautiful sunny afternoon with a nice breeze.  The route was scenic and quite flat. We set off at a nice pace and kept quite steady through the first half of the race. I’d hoped to keep a 12/12.30 min/mile as I didn’t want my legs to give out. However my legs had other ideas and wouldn’t slow down. 

There’s a lot that can be said about running with other people. It does keep you going and with the promenade being so busy it was nice saying hello to everyone as we passed them.

As we neared the end of the race I spotted our finish line and Angela informed me we were at 30mins. It was a kick in the ass moment and a pb was in sight. I kept at the same pace and even at that we came across the line at 32.14 more than a minute off my 5k pb. 

I was absolutely delighted. Never knew I had that in me after what was a horrible long run the day before and should have been a recovery run. 

But I’m not complaining and happy to take that and take a break from races until Causeway coast on the 24th September. 



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