All about the Avonmore

A wise friend once told me that rest and recovery is just as important as the training.

I’ve a half marathon this weekend in Cookstown. Its Thursday and I am already thinking about what I need to be doing now to prepare for this race. 

I’ve upped my water in take already, I’ve planned rest days so my legs are fresh. I’ve dinners planned and kit is ready to go. 

Yet I should really have a plan for recovery post race. As fueling the body post race is just as important as fueling it pre race.

My friends will tell you that I have a love affair with Avonmore. Their Protein Milk to be specific. A discovery earlier on in the year when I read about the importance of protein and carbs post workout to help repair muscles and so began the introduction of Avonmore Protein Milk to my post work out routine.

Also it helped that they had been at many of the races I was doing and was able to find out more and love to see Dan the Avonmore Man at the end of the race…It became part and parcel of my race etiquette.

So you can imagine my excitement when after a “hit and hope” message to Avonmore HQ they agreed to supply 20 pints of protein milk for the clubs last session with Dermot Mathers from the Running Coach.

Michael has been part of the group of lucky participants taking part in Dermots sessions. Sadly we both couldn’t do it as someone has to have the kids! During his week 1 review of the session with Dermot, Michael mentioned how I was aready doing something right…protein milk (Dermot says Avonmore is the best) so I may not be the quickest but boy I was nailing post work out recovery.

Team MAC with Dermot and their post workout Avonmore Protein Milk

So what does Avonmore Protein Milk offer…

  • 50% extra protein to give you 25g protein per 500mls in comparison to normal semi skimmed milk which is only 18g per 500mls
  • The additional protein comes from hugh quality whey and casein in the proportions naturally found in milk
  • It is a low fat milk with only 5g fat per 500mls in comparison to 8.5g in semi skimmed
  • A source of calcium and vitamin b12. With added Vitamin D which helps maintain normal muscle function as well as healthy bones.

Fabulous modelling guys

All of this found in a small carton that you can pick up in the shop on the way home for less than 60p. Is a easy and convenient way to get extra protein in your diet. Yet consumed within 30mins of your workout ended will fuel those tried muscles and aid repair and recovery. You’d be silly not to have a few cartons in the fridge if you’re training.


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