An open letter to my friend Moira

It was only a little over 6 weeks ago I picked you up for your first session of c25k.

You were determined to prove everyone wrong and silence the laughs and snigger you got when you had informed them that you where going to join a running club. 

I’ll never forget your first night as it lashed the last 10 minutes of the run and in all my very positive and probably annonying attitude I told you running in the rain was the best…I’m not sure if you ever got that feeling but I’m pretty sure running in the rain is something that doesn’t phase you now. 

Each week we upped the training and I’m sure you never called me Siobhan once however I’m sure the French dictonary was filled with what you where calling me . 🙈

Thing is Moira,as the number of new recruits dropped as the sessions got tougher…you still came out and cursed me up and down. You didn’t even let me having a few weeks off due to my operation put you off and your drive to want to run even got Michael up off his ass to go to training with you.  That is no easy task..believe me! 

You had spoken about Sea 2 Sky and actually part taking in it. I’ll be honest I thought to myself she’s mad to do this. As far as tough races come…Sea2Sky is up there. Even worse than Tollymore that was my first race. However I knew you would be capable of it and I wouldn’t deter you from earning that medal..afterall it was a pretty medal which also doubled as a bottle opener. 

We spoke on race day and I assured you that all the pre race feelings of feeling sick and wondering what the hell you where getting yourself into where normal. You turned up at the house a few shades lighter than usual and I felt sick for you. But you where there and ready to take it all on. Fair plays!

It was a pretty overwhelming experience as we arrived to pick up our race packs and we got you kitted out with a Murlough team vest and tried to break the pre race nerves with a few lighthearted conversations. A team photo made you go into panic mode as you realised you’d more than likely end up in the Mourne Observer this week for everyone to see you. 

We set off together and you lost your hat not even a half a km into the race but it was picked up and handed to you and it made it the whole way round the course. 

I knew exactly what was going through your head.  Gosh it still goes through my head every race…why am I doing this, omg I’ve another 9 of these kms to go, I’m going to kill her, not another hill, does this ever end, I swear to god I’m going to kill her, oh look a down hill, I’ve been running forever, what was I thinking listening to her she’s a liar, ah I know where I am, must be near the end, wait til I get my hands on her, I think I might die, oh wait there’s the finish line,ah jesus she’s come back to run with me and I don’t have the energy to kill her followed by you crossing the line and realising that you made it. Water,medal and gathering your thoughts. 

Moira I’ve been proud of my own kids, hundreds of past students doing their A levels and Gcses, I’ve even been proud of my own running achievements but I put you crossing that line up there with my proudest moments. 

I know you wanted to kill me but you have just in a matter of 6 weeks went from nothing to running 10k…that’s over 6 miles!!! Your pure grit and determination to make it around that race and finish shows that you are one tough cookie and a complete superstar. 

Be proud and embrace how sore you might feel. I promise the more you do it the easier it gets…but it never gets easy if you know what I mean. Just more manageable. 

I hope anyone who thought you joining Murlough was funny or a ridiculous idea are eating their words. You have showed that not only have you smashed the c25k’ve doubled the distance! 

So the big question now is…when’s your next race? 


1 thought on “An open letter to my friend Moira

  1. Brilliant – 0 to 10k in 6 weeks is very impressive, well done Moira!

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