Throwback to the first attempt

I do regret never keeping an active log of runs and thoughts. Actually there is so much I wish I had kept a written log off however I have been part of a group of friends on facebook trying to encourage and keep each other going and the so called Siobhan Stories did feature with all the thoughts I would share on here. So I am going to dip into some of those status’ and share them here to make up for “lost time”


12th November 2015


I only took up running in October so was building up. I remember lying in bed the night prior to this and saying to myself I am going to do 10k. It was a huge jump from maybe the run/ walk 5k I was just about managing but faith in my legs and not my head convinced me to give it a bash.

I am pretty sure that it was the fact that my car was sitting in front of me which made me give up instead of pushing that bit further. 5 days later I actually did do a 10k, with both music in my ears and running until I was 5 k away from my car and turning back.


5 days later I managed this..


I had made the distance and began to think that I was actually capable of doing a 10k race and getting to the end. This was the beginning of the story that I am now living. Everything from here in, is full of happiness, change and self belief that anything and everything is possible.

I can honestly say that the best thing to come from this point is the friends I have made. Without them I wouldn’t keep going. Be that to the races, to the club runs, to nights out, to senseless snap chats. Just such a new lease of life for me and for that I am grateful and glad I pushed on.







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