So who is really to blame for Tollymore 10k

Continuing the throw back…

I know at the time I took a lot of convincing and there are many people who may have had a hand in convincing me to undertake my first 10k. Actually more than I originally thought when I looked back on it.

I have to admit, I love Facebook and I so glad I am part of many groups where I can sound out the thoughts in my head as has proved priceless in my quest to build the back story.

I know that there are many people and factors that helped in pushing that button to enter.

Michael; As always he pushes me to the brink. Convinced I should end the year on a high after all my “achievements” in the gym and with my introduction to running. If I thought I could do it, I should just do it! Even doing a trial run with me 2 weeks prior whilst probably still drunk as you could have got drunk of the fumes from him regardless of what side of him you ran on.

Caitriona; the girl at slimming world who took up running with some running club called “Murlough” the girl who 7 months later I convinced to do Lisburn half with me. Bet she never wished suggesting doing the Born2Run series with! That’ll teach her! Hmmm you’ll never be ready..sound familiar Caitriona?

Jackie; see above…she was also in on the act and herself wanted to finish the year on a high. And her and Tara getting lost on a training run in Tollymore because they cant follow a map, was the highlight of my year.

Her year has continued to build on Tollymore more with some awesome times in races, a half marathon and a week worth of 10ks for charity.  All whilst she prepares for her wedding…tomorrow! Eeekk

Selena; the “grumpy girl” in the shop. Well she was grumpy until she stumbled upon me going into the shop post run and enquired about what I was at. Another “Murlough” member who didn’t think doing Tollymore was a bad idea. And another staple figure in my everyday life now that I’ve become embedded in the running world. Sometimes I wonder if we have some odd connection as the similarities are uncanny, if only I was as fast as her, I’d be home in a boat.
Jane and Hazel; ah the ladies I met up the top of Slievenaslat when I took on some hills to get over my fear of the potential hills in Tollymore.

Lauren; forever the optimist and little voice that makes me think it’s going be ok. But look..someone else seems to be an enabler…


Yes it was Tara…she was the first one to suggest it- facebook proves it. Tara now my bff, who at the time I don’t think I had ever met face to face, just knew her through the group and that she was Rachels friend. This suggestion was the start of the most important friendship in my life. But now I can officially say that she is the one with the first ever “bright idea” mwwwhahhahahahhaha.

I honestly think as a whole everyone played their wee bit in getting me to that line and over it. ..actually I think just the thought of a selection box was enough!




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