My first half…the big countdown begins

When I started the training on my rocky road to Dublin I knew I’d to hit huge distances 4 times that of what I was currently doing.

In the past 10 weeks I have progressed well and had some really shitty runs thrown in there for good measure.
However we are now less than a week away from my first big training milestone…my first half marathon.

Opting for the flat and fast urban half of Lisburn, it is 6 days until I have to force myself through all 13.1mile.

I’ll be honest I’ve enjoyed my long runs aside from them lasting forever and being unable to achieve much the rest of the day afterwards. They have been very slow and very steady. I can run for the majority of the distance and I’m getting good at the fuelling aspect of a long run with my lucozade sport and powerbar caffeine sweets recommended to me by my friend Caroline who has just completed VLM that I take every 5k.

I know I CAN do it and I know I WILL do it but I am filled with dread. What happens if it is one of those bad running days?

I have an irrational fear of coming last anyway in every race and based on last year’s times I’d be in the last 10. That I can cope with and I’ve made Michael promise that he will ensure that the finish line isn’t taken down until I cross it.

Even now I’m getting palpitations thinking about it.

I’ve to now consider my diet and liquid intake over the weekend and not let my head win. I want to rest but not too much so I can’t get going on the night
Does everyone feel like this before a big race? With my first 10k I was nervous but this is unhealthy. I’ve cried so much about the race and even though I know my wee legs can get me there it’s the fact I may be running 3 hours in order to achieve it.

I do love that I broke Caitriona and she’s joining me at Lisburn half. It’ll be her first half too and this is pay back for her encouraging me to do my first 10k. We are a similar pace and going through the same emotions so not totally alone. Lucky thing is she probably hates me as much as I do myself for signing up to this.

All tips for coping with the build up much appreciated


Caitriona and I at club run on Tuesday


2 thoughts on “My first half…the big countdown begins

  1. I have been having all these thoughts, too! My marathon isn’t until November… but I’ve thought the SAME exact thing… what if I’m having a bad run day? I think we all have those thoughts. You will do GREAT! Especially with the positive thoughts and all your hard work. Like you said… you CAN and you WILL. You got this!!!

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    1. Thank you. It’s just when it’s a bad run…its awful. I want to let myself enjoy it but consumed totally by my head.
      Imagine what I am going to be like in October when I go to do a full marathon. I’ll laugh at my worries about a half 🙈


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