When you get a “great” idea

…I use the term great very lightly.

I’ve been dying to get a long run in for 2 weeks but between holiday and building myself back up to being able to run 10mile it was last night that I got a fab idea.

I was due today to be at our clubs New Recruit session for the c25k session as I’d a friend joining and wouldn’t let her go alone.  So in all my wisdom I thought I’d be a good idea to run to club run. I see people every week running to park run so maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea.

I had a rough idea that it’d be a fair few mile (10k exactly it turns out) then I could run about the nature reserve until I hit 10mile.

I set off shortly after 7 giving myself enough time to pace myself to get there in one piece but not overly fast as I’d have an additional 5k to do afterwards.

So aiming for 40 minute 5ks was the theory as to not push myself to exhaustion.

I set of knowing I was starting with a nice 5k downhill. However 3 k in the fact my bowels hadn’t moved that morning kicked in and I needed to go badly. I had 2 options. Swing my leg over a fence and poo alfresco or motor on a few more kms and dash into the hotel attached to the gym. I opted for the physical toilet and after that I found a nice pace and settled into the run.

Reaching the meeting point with an hour to spare and only 10k completed I ran on into the nature reserve and clocked up a further 6km to make it to 16km/10mile I was feeling epic, even though I got sort of lost at one point.


The stats from the 10mile

As everyone started arriving for New Recruit day I was glowing bright red and obviously fresh from a long run.

I was delighted that Sinead my friend had come along for the c25k session and start this running malarkey. I’d also pointed out to her that I needed a lift home so she had to turn up or I’d have been  technically stranded.  She wasn’t amused but got stuck in anyway.


Sinead not amused by either the camera or the task that lay ahead.

There where a few hiccups along the way including her throwing up but she got to the end and was sure she wasn’t ever going to come back. Since this morning she has changed her mind after realising that it can’t get any more worse than today. So looking forward to the positives.

Today ended up as10 miles PLUS the additional 5k from c25k completed and feeling positive about Lisburn Half Marathon in 11 days. Ok I had a 10mins break in between the 2 parts of the run but still…I did 13+miles today.


Murlough AC ( the MAC-avists) and the New Recruits on this fine Saturday morning


2 thoughts on “When you get a “great” idea

  1. Your poor friend! But how well has she done to go back for a second time, good on her!


    1. She strangely trusts me that it gets better. She’s watched me go from walking to distance running and listened to my moaning. She knows she will get it…It just takes time, hard work and plenty of support from friends. She’s already laughing about throwing up

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