Review – CamdenGear Hydration Belt

Upping the miles has come with a whole host of other things to think about especially hydrating whilst out on a long run.

I was in the market for a hydration belt and came across the CamdenGear belt. I was offered the belt at a discount price for an honest review, all opinions are my own.

On the arrival of the belt, I initially wasn’t sure velcro was the way to go given that I’d been using belts with plastic buckles.

I’m a size 16 so was very cautious of what would fit and be comfortable as well as looking good and not digging into me.

The belt comes with 2 x 170mls bottles and a bag. Within the bag section there is a plastic section that would fit your debit or credit card. It easily holds my keys, Samsung Galaxy 5, a few coins and my caffeine sweets.

I was easily able to run my headphones from my phone in the bag to my ears and they didn’t budge all run.

This is testament to how well the belt stays in place. I did wear it with the bottles and bag to the back, so it sat neatly on the small of my back, with the the fastening to the front and felt weightless.

The bottle holders do, like any hydration belt, take getting used to using whilst moving. They fit snuggly and have an additional pull string toggles to help secure if you are in fear of the bottle popping out and giving you extra peace of mind.

I do love the velcro fastening.  It doesn’t scratch and means that if you where even sharing the belt between you and your partner it doesn’t need to be resized every run to get it back to your size.

The hook and loop is fantastic quality and I don’t see it losing its stickiness too easily.

The CamdenGear Hydration Belt ticks all the right boxes.

●It has plenty of space for the long run essentials
●Easy to use
●Secure water bottles
●Hardwearing velcro fastening
●Great sizing for the “cuddlier” athlete
●Stays put whilst on the move
●Not bulky so you hardly notice it once moving.

Would I recommend it?
I definitely would. I’ve had it out on a few long runs and it hasn’t caused me any problems or discomfort. I’ve yet to have it on me and think that there is something more it needs. A great product and an essential for any runner.

You can buy it on Amazon for RRP £24.99
Currently on sale today 23.05.16 for £12.99


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