My legs are hungover -Life with DOMS

Ok I may have brought this on myself.
After feeling pretty epic after the weekend and scaling 3 mountains and throwing an 11miles in on the Sunday as I felt great…the bubble of invincibility was going to burst.

And boy did it do it in style.


Took Monday off knowing that I was bound to need a rest and secondly I’d a pt session at 7am on Tuesday morning. So the alarm went off at 6.20am on Tuesday. Felt alright and off I headed to the gym to see what Shane had in store for me this week.

The dreaded words of “Legs and Core” started the morning off and I swear I’ve never pushed myself like it. Between umpteen weighted squats and lunges, I pretty much crawled out of the gym.

No climbing mountains after the school run. I knew I had to rest as had a 10k race on the Wednesday. But it wasn’t to be. Serious case of DOMS had set in and I only felt good standing in one place and not moving. I tried to walk it out taking the 3k trip to pick the little one up from school but I was like jelly. Anything… I mean ANYTHING I did from trying to go to the toilet to getting in and out of the car was and still is agony.

Yesterday was a joke and if I had recorded the sound effects that accompanied me they would have went viral. Labour was easier and I swear if someone had offered me an epidural I would have bitten their hand off.


Foam rolling was even more hillarious with the kids asking why I looked so sore. I’m sure I looked like a beached whale unable to make it to sea. I drank a tonne of water in a bid to feed my muscles as well as a load of protein. This did mean I had to endure the toilet a bit more often which wasn’t a pleasant transaction.


So here we are…day 2. I’m still sore but hopeful that it might begin to subside soon or I’ll learn to live with the pain better. My 10k didn’t happen last night. I could barely walk to the shop never mind run 10k.

So what have I learnt from the past few days…
I am human
My body does get sore
It also gets tried
My body shouldn’t have to punish me to teach me a lesson
I should know when to rest
I never EVER want to feel like this again.



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