Life after 10k

I’ll be honest, I’ve been avoiding it like the plague.  I know I can run 10k, I know I can walk twice that. However going beyond 10k running is something I have yet to manage…until yesterday.

It is amazing what your body can do when it finds the zone. I set off in hope of reaching 8.5 miles. I was pretty sure I could make it, telling myself that it’s only 3 times around the lake plus a wee bit.

I was trying to avoid real life, with Laurens Rose Selection underway and feeling helpless and a friend running VLM I was trying to not be stuck to my phone or laptop checking up on them!

As I hit the lake for the first lap I knew I wasn’t feeling the lake vibe and as always, veered off up Crow Road to take on the infamous Born 2 Run Castlewellan 10k route.

Let’s face it…It is not a flat route, actually it is hell and the route near made me hang up my trainers in February. So as a soared over the hills and found my stride I began to do the maths. At 7k I thought yeah I could do another 7k at this rate.

As I approached 12k I was flying (siobhan speed flying not normal runner flying) I felt so comfortable and started to debate possible routes home, how many km that would be and would I look odd running around my street to make up the numbers.

At about 14km I realised that I hadn’t even fueled properly for this run, a small bowl of bran flakes and an Alpen bar at 7.30 wasn’t sufficient at 11.30 and I began to feel the hunger.  I didn’t even have water with me. However I hadn’t come this far to stop so pushed on.

I spotted my house at 15km and knew I had to keep going so off I went out towards the dump knowing I could stretch this a bit further and make the illusive 16km.

Then my doubts in my maths skills kicked in…is 16km 10 miles. I remembered trips to Dublin as a kid and doing the maths to change the km signs into miles…0.8km is half a mile, so 1.6km is a mile so 10 of those is 10mile.
I was stalking my garmin hoping for the beep. My playlist had run out but I ran on. As I crossed the road to my street there was the long awaited beep for lap 10.
And I fell through the door.

Once I sat down the magnitude of what I had just done hit me. I could feel and smell the sweat pouring out of me. But I was elated.

The first time I’ve thought wow I can actually manage a half marathon.  I can do this. So with 6 weeks to go I know that I can do it and I will make it.

So I will skip over I was so exhausted afterwards that I lay in bed for 3 hours. But I’m sure that’s why I don’t even have a niggle today. Body is feeling fresh!



3 thoughts on “Life after 10k

    1. I’ve not one niggle since it so feeling pretty invincible 2 days on. Maybe I’m meant to be a long distance runner…I can dream

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