Moving through the Mournes

I do look forward to Friday Funday every week.

It doesn’t even need to be a Friday…Any day during the week when I am able to get out into the fresh air, leave the headphones behind and enjoy righting the world’s wrongs with Lauren.

Our weekly adventures have had us encounter some near death experiences,  lead way to many awe inspiring ideas and of course the added bonus of spending time in amongst the fantastic landscape that is where we live.

It is a fantastic feeling to stand on Newcastle Promenade and look up to the mountains and say ” I’ve been there and there and there and there” we’ve worked our way up and down the mountains and across them, into the trails and woods that surround them and  beyond.

Ok we’ve been chased by deer, braved the elements and near got stranded as the tide came in but hey its all in a days craic.

This week we took ourselves to the other end of the mountains. Rostrevor is at the far end of the Mournes where they begin. The mountains span roughly 26 miles to Newcastle.

It’s not a place I’ve ventured to much. Let’s face it I was in Kilborney Park for the first time in January when I done a 10k. So was up for checking it out.

I have never encountered such a huge hill. I swear I would have felt safer walking up it than driving it. The car slowly pulled it’s middle class ass up the hill in first and I just hoped to god anyone coming down remembered to follow the one way signs! The laughs and giggles of the two of us as the car climbed.  It was soon becoming evident that this week’s Friday Funday wasn’t going to be about excerise but solely the adventure.

The view of the car park brought relief however even when the car should have been free wheeling it protested at us.

A short 5 minute walk straight uphill lay ahead. I could feel Thursdays circuits class burning in my thighs and being on my toes was the only way I was going to make it. There on the hill stood a big lump of rock, also known as Cloughmore Stone.

For once the views across Carlingford Lough into the Cooley Mountains where clear and you could take in the breathtaking views right as far as Warrenpoint.  It was beautiful and definitely on my list of places to take the kids this summer.


It wasn’t long before we were back down again and back in the car for what was a downhill haven for the car that worked so hard to get up the hill.

We decided to take the scenic route home and scope out the other possible routes for Friday Funday. Well who’d have guessed we’d bump into Santa and his Reindeers. Santa’s Cottage is on the road and daily the man who plays santa walks the Reindeers.  It was a lovely sight to see on an April morning and nice to be so close to such beautiful creatures.


So concludes this week’s installment of Friday Funday.



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