It’s Race Week

So its race week.

When I give it that title it makes it seem like I’m going to be doing a half or full. However I am still very content with 10k. It’s been a month since my last race and ready for some bling.

Born 2 Run Castleward Challange is this weekend and although Michael and Tara are braving what has been called a brutal half, I’m sticking within my comfort zone and doing the 10k.

But when it’s race week I’ve several things I do different..including my usual morning plans which are usually running.

1. Spend more time at the gym doing core and strength work
2. Do 1 run and try to keep it to trail early in the week
3. Make sure I take a full rest day on the Thursday
4. Friday Funday obviously so a wee walk
5. Try and I mean try (sometimes I don’t manage it) to eat well
6. Do at least 2 Spin classes
7. Thoroughly clean my house. Odd but let’s face it if I’m not out running I need to be productive. Day time tv is mind numbing.

I’m learning as time goes on about things that work and things I should avoid. One thing I have learned over the past few months is to not over think the race.

I got myself so worked up over my local 10k that it was the worst run ever. Let’s over look that I shouldn’t have been running it as I was ill and literally running on empty but it near drove me to hanging up my runners. If it wasn’t for an unplanned 10k the following week which I decided to do at 9.30pm the night before and knocked 6 mins of my time, I wouldn’t be contemplating a marathon that’s for sure.

So race week this week begins with Spin and Circuits tonight…



3 thoughts on “It’s Race Week

  1. Good luck with your 10K, and if you find the secret to not overthinking the race, do let me know!


    1. I’ve learnt to just enjoy the moment and take it all in…finish lines not finish times 😉


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