New week, new goals

With Easter now in the past and the kids returning to school, I am filled with motivation, self promise and new hope for getting my ass in gear.

I have been looking at the calander with a lot of thought being put into my illusive first half marathon race.

With potentially 10 weeks to build the miles up until mid June. I need to start digging deep and pushing myself out of my comfort zone.  Let’s face it the next 6 months will be all about stretching myself that bit further and I think mentally reaching 13.1 mile before the summer starts is a huge boost to my marathon training.

However I want my first half to be epic. Regardless at what way you look at it, 13.1mile is 13.1 mile and a huge HUGE achievement. Yet I have been looking at the race calander and have 2 options.

Lisburn Half
Predominantly flat road race which will be a horrendously boring urban course.


Mourne Half
A mix of trail and road race across the foothills of the Mourne Mountains. Challanging would be an understatement and between the weather and the terrain you could very easily end up injured beyond repair

Now let’s weigh it up. They are both 13.1 mile and will obviously get a pb regardless as it’s my first and the all important medal and kudos for doing a half.
So do I play safe and do Lisburn where it might not be the most scenic race but less chance of rolling stones under foot and catching a death in what can be disastrous weather conditions.
Or do I man up so to speak and take on the mass elevation, good country air and take on a course across the mountains.

I know what I’d advise someone marathon training to do and there will always be other chances to do the more daring routes. It’s so hard to shy away from a challange but maybe for once I should put my inner desire to push the limits over 13.1 mile and just survive the 13.1 mile on road in Lisburn.


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