Good Runs and Bad Runs

The body is a funny thing…

One day you can be totally on fire, everything falling into place and running is a gift you embrace and love. Fast forward 24hrs you feel like you’re running through peanut butter with legs of lead and each footstep is a struggle both mentally and physically and you wonder why you haven’t turned around to go home.

This week…that was me.
Yesterday I had a beautiful run around the route I clocked my first 10k distance. It’s a special route to me. Unbelievably scenic as it goes along the promenade and then after a climb through a woods it sweeps around the foot of the Mournes and along towards Tollymore and back into Newcastle.

I had tentatively agreed with myself on leaving the house I was going to do 10k. After dropping my gear off in the gym, as I’m still bathroomless, one of the personal trainers asked about my plans for the morning as I was missing his class. I promised I’d present my garmin on my return to prove I’d done it and he challange me to a ridiculous finish time which I ignored.

So I set off and everything felt good. The early spring sun shone down on me and the glistening heights of Slieve Donard where clear and towering over the town. As I turned off the promenade I knew my head was going to take its usual 4-6k mental fight of take a walk. Nowadays I challange myself to do runs without stopping to walk and not be worried about pace and was doing so well until I met mega hill 1. I managed half of it but had to walk. Let’s face it I was never going to make it and had the same issue with mega hill 2. However I remember the days I didn’t even attempt the hill so it’s improvement.

As I hit 6k I was well and truly enjoying the run knowing that I was heading back in the direction of the end. I wasn’t at race pace but I was comfortable and the cross country route home smelt of spring tinged with the scent of muck spreading. As I entered 9k I decided to push myself and clocked a fastest km.

I  loved everything about the run and was on a high all day…however today was not going to mirror the day before.


The strava stats 5th April

I usually try not to run on consecutive days however Michael had an appointment at the dentist and I had to pass 45 mins so I could have the car. I set off starting at the promenade and had outlined a rough 5k route.

1 word…Headwind
Every corner I turned – there it was. It was stalking me. No matter where I ran be it along built up area and park land the wind appeared. Not once did I get a tailwind to help me.

I struggled,  I felt sore and I wished I’d taken the car key and just have got a hot drink and sat playing on my phone in the car.
I enjoy much of it and the clouds agreed with me,  as their angry, dark grey mist engulfed the mountains which only a day earlier glistened.

My heart sank when he phoned to say he’d be a bit longer than planned and I had to add a bit into the run to cover the time. My route was so erratic that even a mum on the school run said “seen you out running this morning, every corner I turned, there you were” it was her “you’re doing so well” comment that helped pick me up as even whilst I felt I was dying and looked like a womble, other people where acknowledging that I was out there and trying.


The view from the 2k mark on the bad run overlooking Murlough Bay

So good run vs bad run..I think there is only one thing to learn …



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