Change is afoot

We are constantly growing and spreading our wings.

Who we are is defined by so many factors. I have spoken with many people about their inspirations, reasons for choosing a certain path and most importantly where they get the drive and energy to continue to strive for better.

I’d like to think that by now at 31 I’ve been through the mud and somethings I’d never wish anyone to experience. Yet I wonder what defines me.

Running has gave me an outlet to settle my inner battles in the wake of a huge battle that consumed my life for a long time. I am the crazy person who runs past you talking to herself or even with tears running down their face. I’m a very emotive runner and the littlest thought can spur me on or stop me dead in my tracks.

Yet in amongst the tears and the talking to myself I find peace and relax. Every step is one more step than I’d ever thought I’d manage.


Tonight I stepped out of my comfort zone. I have ditched Slimming World and joined a Running Club. I have a lot to be thankful to Slimming world for, friendships, great craic and of course weight loss. However with a Marathon in the near future and my love for running growing, Michael and I joined the local running club for support as well as a new focus. So an investment so to speak for us both. He has spent every Tuesday night in watching the kids for 3 years..its about time he got out.

Thankfully it was a local run, sadly at that fecking lake! Grrr. I managed a lap without stopping and running with a lady who was running my race pace as her easy run pace. So for me it was tough but really enjoyable 

So change is afoot. Change to my Tuesday night routine, change to my training and change for the better.



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