Getting started is the hardest bit…right?

People always say getting started is the hardest bit…I’m pretty sure that in my case, it’s one of the easiest bits of this journey.

As I heard Michael get out of bed and sneaking off to an early morning spin session, I rolled over in bed very aware of what my plans where today.

Run 1 of 127.


So the all knowing App had planned the above. Let’s put this idea out there. I’ve spent the past 6 months working at getting quicker and I had to run over 2 minutes per km slower…I walk faster than that! So the challange was on!

I had planned a route in my head unsure of exactly how far it was but I was sure it wasn’t a kick in the arse off the required distance plus it started and ended at the gym so an immediate shower afterwards.

I swear I must have looked constipated or something as I tried to “jog” as slow as I could. So I was delighted that I was able to managed a 8.30 min/km in the end.


The highlight of my morning was on coming out of the shower. I was getting my clothes out and realised I’d forgot to pack a clean bra. Being faced with putting my sports bra back on was horrifying but not as horrendous as having to walk through the gym and out to the car literally carrying my boobs!
Note for future…at least pack a jumper or coat!

Weigh in at gym was 90.9kg today


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